Sunday, April 12, 2009

mindfulness meditation and migraine management

I'd like to share some resources that have been immensely helpful in managing daily migraines. Firstly a set of mindfulness meditation tapes by Jon Kabat-Zinn, an MIT medical professor who has applied Buddhist meditation practices to the treatment of chronic pain. He co-authored a book'The Mindful Way through Depression' which has also been valuable.

A different approach, ACT therapy, is based on mindfulness meditation and is outlined in a book by Dr Russ Harris, 'The Happiness Trap. Stop Struggling, Start Living'. I hope they help you.


  1. Have you tried visualisation exercises?
    I found these very helpful, not just to deal with my back pain but also to relieve stress and calm my mind. Check this link for more

  2. have a slipped disc, and thats a chronic condition. I have shooting and unbearable pain from my lower back down my legs that is also termed as scatica. I have been in bouts of pain since the last 8 years. Each time I have consulted orthopedics, I have been advised physio therapy and regular exercise to keep pain at bay. While, i try to keep at it, it gets tough with a 3 year old and being a home maker. More than anything else, its traumatic, and wish there was a miracle treatment for this.

    Also over the years, the pain becomes a kind of intruder in your daily life and robs you of little pleasures. I wish i was pain free. Its ironical that I also have migraine, but have controlled it with pranayam - yogic breathing. I think migraine can be conrolled with the practice of yoga and meditation. Pranayam, like I mentioned above, was of immense help.

    Windows of pain is a nice initiative for people in pain. Not many of us have forums to talk about pain and also be understood at the same time. Will watch this space.

  3. (,,20188145,00.html) has some interesting ideas for keeping a pain diary. While it can be tedious to keep a diary it can help you to isolate and identify the causes of pain. You can then experiment to see whether doing things differently makes any difference.

  4. A recent survey on arthritis in Ireland revealed how psychologically damaging chronic pain can be. Reduced social activities as a result of chronic pain was a key finding.

    Based on the results of the survey Arthritis Ireland launched a free support booklet, Coping with Emotions,which offers advice on dealing with the emotions that accompany arthritis and chronic pain.